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African black lesbian lovers Jasmine and Alexis

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Description: Jasmine and Alexis are old friends who used to fool around. By chance they run into each other. Jasmine just moved to this new apartment. These two African lesbians are not the ones to pass up a lesbian opportunity. So they head back to Jasmine's apartment to play sapphic games just like old times. Back in the apartment you can see that they are true African lesbians. Kissing in the living room before making their way to the bedroom. Losing some clothes along the way. Caressing their skinny black bodies all over. These African girls might be amateurs on video but are professionals in pleasure....Continue reading.

Tags: bedroom, African, 69, passion, lesbian, finger fucking, amateur, pussy licking, french kissing

Girls: Alexis, Jasmine

Views: 136091 Duration: 41:10

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