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Tall Sudanese lesbians Ivie and Asari love french kissing

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Description: A couple of hot African lesbian girlfriends Ivie and Asari meet by a Sudanese country road to catch up. Ivie has pretty and young facial features. She is dressed in tight stretchy pants and a light purple top. Asari is a bit taller and skinnier and has on a long tight black dress. They decide to go for a short stroll to carry on with their conversation. As they walk and talk, it gets unbearably hot and these chocolate babes agree to take their conversation indoor somewhere. Once in the hotel room they go straight to touching and caressing their already moist vaginas. Asari just loves to play w...Continue reading.

Tags: french kissing, girlfriends, couple, bedroom, African, passion, lesbian, big tits, amateur, pussy licking

Girls: Asari, Ivie

Views: 226285 Duration: 47:32

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